Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Little nibbles and a P.S.

This morning I voted in my new community. It was easy; no barriers kept me from voicing my opinion through this electronic ballot. Not all that I do is as easy. Specifically, this church start thing is not easy. Last night at 1:30 AM, I got out of the warm bed I had been in for about one and a half hours, and lay on my couch to try to make sense of this new gathering I am fostering.

My first thought was the easiest: giving up and going back to Colorado, though this place is what I needed in my life when I agreed to come. This place offers community and challenge, new friends and productive life. But in the middle of the night, what it seemed to offer was failure. It just seems there are so many details that need doing and I am not a detail person. ?Whatever was I thinking when I said yes to Allen and Darwin and the United Church of Christ and the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)? In the light of day, I see better and know that I can do the detail work and that what is being offered - a progressive church in a conservative area - is both needed and wanted. People tell me this church is needed.

Things happen in increments. So, my first bite is to write the weekly blog. My second, to plan a month of activities and write/post a newsletter to get the word out. Maybe I will ask for a volunteer who likes detail work to help 4 hours a week. My third? A gulp not a nibble! Go back out to community networking - where I am to spend at least fifty percent of my time. And, coincidently, where I get rejuvenated and feel that success is within my grasp.

P.S. SoulLinkGathering in North Central Pennsylvania will have our second gathering on Sunday, November 23, 3:30 at my home. We are discussing "Spirit!" Please join us if you are close to the Mansfield/Wellsboro area.

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